Frequently Asked Questions
Q. How can I allow pop-ups in my browser?This will vary depending on which browser you are using. We recommend using Google Chrome for our website.
Google Chrome:
Most likely you have added an automatic Pop Up disabling extension on Google Chrome. However, it's easy to disable the extension for one use. We're going to try out a couple different methods so that we can ensure that your payment process completes smoothly!
1. Please try refreshing your webpage. Press CTRL + R 2. Afterwards, click on the button that leads to the Pop Up 3. Then, when the Pop Up Error loads, click on the upper right corner of your URL and if you hover over the Pop Up Error icon, you can "Allow Pop-Ups from TestGlider.com"
For more information, please see Google’s guide to disabling Pop-Ups.
The payment is going to be processed after the pop-up is enabled.
1. In the Safari app on your Mac, choose Safari - Preferences, then click Websites 2. Click Pop-up Windows. You can see all websites you’ve customized under Configured Websites. 3. Make sure you "Allow Pop-Ups from TestGlider.com"
For a more visual guide on how to disable this, please refer to this helpful article!
Q. What is 3DS? How can I pay with the card that is not verified with 3DS?3D Secure is an added authentication step for online payments to prevent credit card fraud, by providing an additional security layer for online purchases made with credit and debit cards. Credit cards without 3D secure are the reasons for the payment issue. If you are seeing the message that says authentication needed, the credit card you are using need 3D secure. However, some banks may not provide 3D Secure Authentication services. We suggest using a different credit card or sign up for PayPal for easier payments!
Q. How long does it take until I can check my Speaking and Writing scores?It will take approximately 2 minutes to receive your speaking scores and 20-30 seconds to receive your writing scores.
Q. How are my speaking and writing answers graded?The answers that you submit are graded based on the official ETS rubrics.

Speaking: For the speaking section, individual answers are graded based on the scoring criteria given in the official ETS speaking rubrics before being converted into the 30 point scale.

Writing: As for the writing section, essays are also graded based on the official ETS writing rubrics and converted into the 30 point scale.

You can check out the Official ETS rubrics through the link provided below.

ETS Speaking Rubrics
ETS Writing Rubrics
Q. Can I expect my scores from TestGlider to be similar to what I will be receiving from ETS?Many of our users have shared similar test results between TestGlider and official TOEFL scores. Please note that variations in factors such as test day, experimental ETS test material, and technical differences influence the testing experience as a whole, so we cannot provide an exact match. TestGlider is a service designed to provide feedback on TOEFL improvement, so feel free to use the scores as a guide to help you find the fastest way to improve on your weak points!
Q. What are the specific point-deducting factors in the speaking and writing sections?Point deduction in the speaking section: Points are deducted for errors in grammar, pronunciation, intonation, stuttering, logic development, understanding the question, and understanding the reading passage and the conversation/lecture.

Point deduction in the writing section: Points are deducted based on errors in grammar, essay structure (introduction, body, and conclusion), understanding the reading passage and the lecture, word count, logic development, vocabulary, etc.

You can check out the Official ETS rubrics from the link provided below.

ETS Speaking Rubrics
ETS Writing Rubrics
Q. Are TestGlider Practice Tests created by ETS?All content provided are the original property of TestGlider, which are produced by professional TOEFL researchers and blind-tested to ensure that the quality of the tests is similar to the actual TOEFL exam.
Q. Can I cancel my Speaking and Writing submissions?Once your test has been submitted, there is no way to cancel the scores. However, you can always take the same test again to practice.
Q. My audio is lagging. What is the problem?Audio lags occur due to buffering. We recommend you use Google Chrome as TestGlider's functionalities are optimized for specific browsers. Also, make sure that you have a strong internet connection.
Q. I took the Practice Test, but my responses are not saved.Your response is automatically saved for each question in the Reading Section. For all the other sections, your response is saved after completion of each sub-section (ex. For Listening, your response is saved after you complete a lecture/conversation. For Speaking and Writing, your response is saved after you complete a question.) For example, if you exit in the middle of answering Q2 in the writing section, your response will be saved only up to Q1, the one that you completed, and you would have to start Q2 from the beginning. To prevent this, we highly recommend finishing the test in one go.