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Free TOEFL® Reading Mini Test - Halloween Edition

Happy October from the TestGlider Team!
Trick or Treat 🎃
As a treat to celebrate…


Why Did We Change Our Name to TestGlider?

We’re changing our name to TestGlider 🎉
Starting today, we’re celebrating our new…


All-Access Pass for TOEFL® Practice Tests [Updated]

# Yes, you heard that right. TOEFL practice tests on TestGlider will no longer be…


5 Exercises for a Higher Score on the TOEFL Listening Section

After finishing the TOEFL Reading Section, the Listening Section can feel disorienting.


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5 Exercises for a Higher Score on the TOEFL Speaking Section (with Templates)

Speaking is notorious for being the hardest TOEFL section.
Not only do you need super…


My 7-Day TOEFL Study Journey (with Tips)

**[September 13, 2021 update: This is an older blog post. Some information may contain…


5 Exercises for a Higher Score on the TOEFL Reading Section

# First time starting your TOEFL Reading practice? You're not alone.
The TOEFL Reading…


An Insider's Guide: Home TOEFL Test Day 2021

I did it. I took the TOEFL iBT® Home Edition.
After taking the test, I realized many…


TOEFL for Mac Users (and Why you Should Plan Ahead)

Having problems taking the TOEFL on your Mac?
You've come to the right place.


TOEFL Writing Section Questions in 2021 (with Examples)

You're probably wondering: Why are there 6 types of TOEFL Writing Section questions?


TOEFL Speaking Questions in 2021 (with Examples)

Speaking for the TOEFL can be a scary experience. I've been there — confused, lost,…


A New, Shorter TOEFL — TOEFL Essentials (2021)

# ETS has revealed a new TOEFL test: TOEFL®️ Essentials™️.
This information comes…


TOEFL Listening Questions in 2021 (with Examples)

The TOEFL Listening Section tests 3 skills: basic comprehension, pragmatic understanding,…


TOEFL Reading Questions in 2021 (with Examples)

This post will tell you all about the TOEFL Reading Section questions you'll encounter…


TOEFL Section Color Update

**[September 14, 2021 update: This is an older blog post. Some information may contain…


TOEFL Reading Section & Writing Section Study Exercise

When you start studying for the entire TOEFL, tackling all the sections at once can…


How to Register for the TOEFL iBT® Home Edition

After you’ve checked your equipment, environment, and etiquette, you're ready to register…


5 Exercises for a Higher Score on the TOEFL® Writing Section

Studying for the TOEFL writing section can feel difficult. You’ve studied reading,…


2020 with TestGlider

**[September 13, 2021 update: This is an older blog post. Some information may contain…


2021 Guide for the TOEFL iBT® Home Edition [Updated]

This is a guide for taking the TOEFL test at home in 2021.
COVID-19 has affected the…


TOEFL Speaking Test: One Must Know Tip for Improving Your Score

The two sections that many TOEFL test-takers find the most unpredictable are the speaking…


TestGlider Writing Test AI Grading: Q&A

Hi guys, this is Brian from TestGlider - I am in charge of managing the overall…


TOEFL Writing Section Model Essays (2020)

The writing section is the last section of the TOEFL test and tests your ability in…


Top 3 Common TOEFL Reading Section Mistakes

As most of you already know, the reading section of the TOEFL exam consists of…


TOEFL Speaking Section Model Answers (2020)

The speaking section of the TOEFL exam is easily one of the most challenging parts…


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