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Sessions Tailored to Your Current Skill LevelExclusive to TG Tutoring!
TestGlider Membership Included780 Practice Questions + 12 TOEFL Mock Tests + Others!
Verified Tutors Tailored for YouVerified tutors with over 3 years of experience and a proven track record of score improvement!
Customized Learning RoadmapBased on your TOEFL practice test history, a study plan tailored to your target score!
Best 3 ReviewsTOEFL score improvement in a short period becomes easier with our verified tutors.
We offer free TOEFL consulting!A TOEFL specialist consultant will assess your current learning status and goals to recommend the perfect tutor just for you
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Choose the tutor that fits you best!Unused session credits are 100% refundable!
TG Tutoring Session CreditsUnused session credits are 100% refundable!
※ TG Tutoring can provide certificates for proof of course completion
Rigorous Verification by TestGliderNot just anyone can become a TG Tutor
TOEFL scores and qualifications must be verifiedActual TOEFL score of 115 or higher
We only accept experienced professionals!Minimum of 3 years of TOEFL teaching experience
Is your teaching method genuine? TestGlider checks beforehandScreening through 1:1 interviews
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If the validity period of the official test scores recognized by the foreign language test organizers has expired, then verification is conducted through the scores of TestGlider mock tests.
Customized 1:1 Online TOEFL TutoringHere's how TG Tutoring works
Apply for a Free Consulting or Study SessionApply for a session with the TG Tutor of your choice or apply for free consulting
Conduct a Level TestFind out your exact skill level through a mock test
Provide Customized CurriculumA curriculum is provided based on the level test
Review on Your Own with TestGliderReview with the AI chatbot Glidy!
NoticeSession credits pricing and promotional event information· 4 Hours : 215 USD (53.75 USD per Hour)· 8 Hours : 340 USD (42.50 USD per Hour) + 1-Month TestGlider Membership + 1 Trial Session· 16 Hours : 615 USD (38.44 USD per Hour) + 1-Month TestGlider Membership + 1 Trial Session· 24 Hours : 920 USD (38.33 USD per Hour) + 2-Month TestGlider Membership + 1 Trial Session· The trial session is conducted for 1 hour. · The provided TestGlider membership is the TOEFL membership (regular price: 40 USD). · Promotional events may end early without notice.Session Credits ExpirationSession credits have the following validity periods. Refunds are not possible if a refund request is made after the pre-announced validity period has passed.· 4 to 16 hours: 1 month (30 days) from the purchase date· 24 hours: 2 months (60 days) from the purchase date· Session credits can be extended in certain circumstances upon prior consultation with the tutor.Refund PolicyRefunds are based on the regular session credit price of 53.75 USD per hour, and if a refund is requested after the trial session, the cost of one hour of the trial session (53.75 USD) will be deducted from the refund.· Example: If 4 hours are used after purchasing 8 hours, the remaining amount of 4 hours x 53.75 USD, which totals 215 USD, will be refunded after deduction.※ TestGlider membership will be revoked at the time the refund is requested.
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